Other Music

A collection of songs recorded when we operated as a three-piece.

released August 31, 2018 

Recorded & Mixed at American Sushi by Aaron Hendrickson 
Mastered by Mix Mike


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic Nowhere Safe is not playing any live shows. If you are interested in featuring a Nowhere Safe song or live session for a virtual performance please contact us at nowheresafe@gmail.com

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This song represents the first studio release since this band welcomed two new members and underwent massive changes. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.


You're all on your own, with everything you know.
Sit and wait for the night, it will all change with the light.

It all just fades away, into a new type of grey.

All the while, you sit inside, colors running down your face.
It seems to me, that you're not free inside this world that you hate.

I know, everything is going to change
I know, everything will fade away to grey


released November 14, 2019
Written & Performed by Nowhere Safe
Produced & Mixed by James Cramer